Best Belt For Table Saw [Link and V Belts] Review

A link belt can be purchased readily and adjusted to any application, as they are a “standard” belt. They do not suffer from memory loss and solve vibrations well, but they are expensive.

Meanwhile, V-belts available in standard sizes may be cheap and easy to install but can develop memory and be noisy. The transfer of power is more effective when the tension is higher.

There are also cogged V-belts that can run at lower tensions but are more expensive. So, which one is the best belt for a table saw?

Belt on a table saw

It depends on the model of the table saw that you have. Link belts are not always better, in my view. They are generally better than standard V-belts.

Again, this greatly depends on your table saw. It is important to remember that link belts are tough on pulleys. The link belts will eventually wear out if you don’t have steel, machined pulleys.

The being said, if you need a new belt for your table saw and don’t what size of belt you need to get, go with a link belt. Just make sure to buy a few inches longer and adjust it precisely.

Top 4 Best Belts For Table Saw

No matter what type of table saw you have, these belts might be worth looking into if you want to replace your existing table saw belt.

1. Poweka Adjustable Link V-Belt For Table Saw

Poweka Adjustable Link V-Belt For Table Saw

By any chance you own a 1961 delta bandsaw or any other similar model and want the perfect replacement link belt for that 1/2″ belt of yours, this is the one. It has a great fitting and runs without creating any vibration. Compared to regular link belts, the links on this belt look very stiff, which is a good sign.

Vibrations caused by distorted V belts can be reduced or completely eliminated with these belts. However, making it the right length is difficult once it is taken apart. Due to the inherent lack of memory, these segmented belts should ensure the smooth operation of your table saw.

If you need to replace your V belts, this is a great alternative. The required length is made by hand in the belting process and is then rolled onto the drive. Therefore, no installation tools are required.

As a result of its exceptional elongation characteristics under load and extremely high strength, the belt is very long-lasting and durable. The fit and stretch of these are great. It is important that you understand that these belts can only run in one direction.


  • Longer lasting belt time.
  • It completely eliminates vibrations.
  • Tool-less installation.
  • Extremely high strength.


  • It can’t be used as a replacement for A-44 V belt.

2. Jason Industrial Table Saw Link Belt

Jason Industrial Table Saw Link Belt

Due to the excellent performance of these belts, they are often used as replacements for table saws as well as other stationary tools that require constant speed. Unlike standard belts, these belts have cords that run through each of their segments, which makes them significantly stronger than others.

In terms of appearance, it is hardly distinguishable from other link belts. Belts like this are very durable and work well. Power tools, including table saws, will run smoothly because of this belt’s ability to reduce vibration.

If you are currently using V-belts on power tools, link belts are highly recommended. Your tool will run much more smoothly when you make this change. Assembly and adjustment are simple. Buying different lengths of V belts is no longer necessary.

After some operating time, you may have to remove a link because they stretch. Usually, the first step in tightening them is to allow them to settle in. They often need to be tightened several times prior to staying that way. Links belts work that way. In short, this is a good product worth looking into.


  • Better than standard V belts.
  • No tools are required for installation.
  • Premium polyurethane material.
  • Good value for the price.


  • You might need to remove a link after few months of use.

3. Grizzly T21992 Power Twist V-Belt

Grizzly T21992 Power Twist V-Belt

The Grizzly T21992 is the perfect replacement belt for bandsaws, lathes, table saws, and other woodworking power tools that you might have in your garage. Compared to solid belts, this one run smoother and reduces vibrations. Also, it’s made here in the USA.

This power twist V-belt has an adjustable length that you can custom fit to any table saw. Before it reaches its final length, there is a stretch and settle-in period, aka break-in period. You might need to tweak it around a bit to get a perfect fit.

After you install it properly, you’ll notice a noticeable difference in your table saw’s quietness. The break-in period will feel like a minor inconvenience. The best part about this belt is that it’s unidirectional. The link belt is what you need. Make sure it’s installed correctly.

Let the stretch period run. You’ll never need or want another belt afterward. With the right needle-nose pliers, installing this link belt is pretty straightforward. Although the price seems a bit too high, it’s a tremendous upgrade to any old table saw.


  • Eliminates most of the vibrations.
  • Fits perfectly with a bit of tweaking.
  • Long-lasting durability.
  • It’s unidirectional.


  • Expensive.

4. Craftsman Table Saw Belt – 10″ V-Belt

Craftsman Table Saw Belt - 10

If you need a new drive belt for your old Craftsman contractor’s saw, this is the one you need. We all know how hard it is to find a perfect replacement belt for an old workhorse like the craftsman 10-inch belt drive table saw.

It works really well and fits perfectly with any old craftsman table saw. You can eliminate all the screeching and vibrations with this belt. Furthermore, this belt has ample tension so that you can adjust however you see fit if the need comes in the future.

This link-type V belt is 41-inches long and serves as a good upgrade from the standard V-belt. Before getting this one, make sure to check your table saw’s model number to see if it will fit or not.


  • It works well with most craftsman table saws.
  • Reduces vibrations significantly.
  • It fits perfectly without using any tools.
  • Affordable link type V-belt.


  • Only for selective models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are link belts better than V belts?

Belts made of links are easier to use and install. A twisting mechanism connects each link to make the size that is required for your table saw. Additionally, their flexibility is higher in general than that of V belts, and they do also reduce vibration.

In woodworking, vibrations do lessen accuracy, but they also don’t feel like an ogre’s breath above your shoulder. Only machines that have motors that are suspended by gravity should use link belts.

direct drive vs belt drive table saw

Compared to direct drive saws, belt-driven saws are far more powerful. With the motor attached directly to the blade, that might come as a surprise.

The direct drive table saw tends to produce less kickback, but it coasts for a much longer period of time than the belt drive table saw.

Professional woodworkers often use belt drive table saws for deep cuts and working with hardwoods.

How do you adjust the tension on a table saw belt?

With the washer positioned at the end of the slot, you can easily adjust the belt tension. You can wrap the two shafts with sandpaper and a memory cloth. Casting will be made from that. You should also make sure to clean them well.

It is also possible to push firmly down on the belts by placing a finger in the middle, between two pulleys. Before touching the saw, ensure it is turned off and plugged out. Belt movement should not exceed 1/4 inch.

How do you know what size V belt to get?

It is not necessary to fold the belt in half or measure the diameter of the belt. A V belt measuring tool or a cloth tape measure is the most accurate way to measure its circumference.

It is possible to measure a string or rope length by wrapping it around the belt and measuring it. You must keep the belt under slight tension when you measure. And the cloth tape measure should be firmly pressed against the back of the belt.


So, there you go. It’s not that hard to find the best belt for a table saw. All you need to keep in mind is the belt length and cross-checking the model number of your table saw to see if the belt will fit or not. Before you decide on a product, make sure to check the reviews as well.

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