Best Featherboard for Table Saw [2021] | Review & user Guide

Let’s face it, table saws are not the most forgiving kind of power tools. For example, you have to press down on the stock with one hand and feed it into the blade with the other.

It’s quite hard to use your table saw jigs and get these going on at the same time, right?

Well, this is exactly what a featherboard is for! It simultaneously applies pressure to the stock and guides it to the feed direction.

Honestly, the best featherboard for table saw might be the only thing that’s standing between you and those phenomenal pieces of furniture!

Today, we are going to share what we thought about our top 10 featherboards for table saws and router tables!

SWMIUSK True-Flex Featherboard Saftly Table Saw Push Block,Pack of 2 Table Fence for Woodworking T-slots Miter Slots on Tablesaws,Router Tables and Band saws(Yellow)
Milescraft 1406 FeatherBoard for Router Tables, Table Saws and Fences
Premium Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard for Quicker, Easier, and Safer Workflow | Featherboard for Table Saws, Router Tables, and Band Saws
Fulton Dual Deluxe Stackable Featherboards with Riser Blocks Aluminum Miter Lock Bar and T Bolt Hardware for Track or Miter Slot Mounting Ideal for Table Saws Router Tables and Band Saws
SWMIUSK Featherboard For Router Table
Milescraft 1406 Featherboard For Craftsman Table Saw
Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard
Fulton Featherboard For Ryobi Table Saw
SWMIUSK True-Flex Featherboard Saftly Table Saw Push Block,Pack of 2 Table Fence for Woodworking T-slots Miter Slots on Tablesaws,Router Tables and Band saws(Yellow)
SWMIUSK Featherboard For Router Table
Milescraft 1406 FeatherBoard for Router Tables, Table Saws and Fences
Milescraft 1406 Featherboard For Craftsman Table Saw
Premium Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard for Quicker, Easier, and Safer Workflow | Featherboard for Table Saws, Router Tables, and Band Saws
Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard
Fulton Dual Deluxe Stackable Featherboards with Riser Blocks Aluminum Miter Lock Bar and T Bolt Hardware for Track or Miter Slot Mounting Ideal for Table Saws Router Tables and Band Saws
Fulton Featherboard For Ryobi Table Saw

What to Look for Before Buying

A router table featherboard doesn’t feel like anything extraordinary. But it helps you make professional-quality rips and cuts. So, you might as well do a little research before buying your saw table featherboard, right? The good news is, we’ve done the research, and come up with the following tips just for you!

Miter bar vs Magnetic Base

Depending on your preference and saw table applications, you might prefer a miter bar-locking featherboard to a magnetic one. It’s because the wedge-locking devices come in single, dual, and stackable designs.

Moreover, you never know when you need to make tandem cuts with your table saw. This is when the featherboard is positioned vertically on a guide track. And a magnetic device might not offer the ideal amount of hold for the job.

However, magnetic featherboards do not require T-track bolts or miter slot brackets. So, moving and repositioning these products are the easiest.

Stronger Hold

A single featherboard is usually beefy enough for clamping down and guiding a woodstock. However, a poorly constructed device will just brush against the workpiece. This is why we recommend industrial-grade plastic composite featherboards.

Now, a better alternative would be a high-density foam featherboard. It features non-marring feathers and won’t damage carbide saw blades and router bits. Make sure the mounting hardware is weighty and durable. Otherwise, wedge-locked devices often wobble and slide on the tracks.

Vertical Applications

You have the cast iron table for horizontal applications. But, when it comes to sawing a workpiece vertically, the whole process gets a little tricky. For times like these, you need stackable featherboards with good quality spacers and riser boards.

You should get a vertical saw guide with matching slots and T tracks on your table. Additionally, you can keep one featherboard horizontally on the table and another on top of the workpiece. It ensures maximum hold and one-hand operations.

Hardware Quality

Pay attention to the mounting hardware quality so that they do not wobble or move in the opposite direction. Remember that featherboards should guide the woodstock to the feed direction, and stop backward motion.

So, before you turn the saw on, pull the woodstock your way and see if the featherboard resists it. Another vital thing to check is that the T bolts and miter gauge bolts matches your table specifications.

For example, a featherboard for ¾”×3/8″ slots will include bolts for the exact measurements. That is why many featherboards have a hard time snapping on ¼-inch T tracks.

Double-Sliding Motion

This is an advanced feature and there’s no need to back out if your featherboard doesn’t offer it. A double-sliding featherboard is one that moves forward and side to side as well.

Besides, these items come with a split-rail miter bar for providing maximum hold in both placements. Make sure that the bars are made of heavy-duty metal pieces though.

Last but not the least, a double-sliding featherboard is incomplete without ergonomic knobs. Our personal favorite is a 7-¾-inch tall and 7-⅛-inch wide featherboard with pre-loaded tension design. Nothing beats this combo, and it works for portable saws as well.

10 Best Featherboard for Table Saw

Behind every successful woodworker, there’s a teensy little featherboard that did its job right. Here we have ten exceptional featherboards that we believe would make carpentry easy for you! Let’s get started!

1. SWMIUSK featherboard for router table

SWMIUSK Featherboard For Router Table

A cool thing about the True Flex featherboard is that you don’t need extra hardware to get it up and running. It comes with all the necessary items you’re going to need to attach the featherboard to your router table.

The True Flex featherboard is easy to use and it supports a wide range of router table models. For example, you’ll find two bars of two different widths- 3/8 inches and ¾ inches. Coupled with its split-rail construction, the product sits tight on all standard miter slots.

What we like about the True Flex is its wedge-lock design. It places a firm grip on your workpiece and prevents it from moving backwards. After all, you simply can’t afford bindings and misalignments when you’re working with expensive wood like mahogany.

Overall, the product has sufficient holding pressure and efficiency. So, instead of building your own, you can go for the True Flex featherboard. It works with a router fence and a bandsaw table as well. So, it’s got pretty much all of your woodworking projects covered.

As for the hardware, you get 4 wedge lock bars that fit ¾-inch T-tracks, two long bolts and four short bolts for an unflagging grip. You get another set of bolts for ⅜-inch T-tracks as well. And finally, 2 spacers, 4 M6 handles and 4 washers make the installation process the easiest it can be!


  • Features wedge-locking hardware for better hold
  • ¾-inch and ⅜-inch split rail bars will fit all standard slots
  • A 3.95-inch contact point with wood pieces
  • Suitable for power saws and cast iron tables


  • The plastic knobs are not that durable

2. Milescraft 1406 featherboard for craftsman table saw

Milescraft 1406 Featherboard For Craftsman Table Saw

If your featherboard is unable to provide a firm hold, maybe it’s time you looked for better options! Something tells us you’re going to like Milescraft 1406 featherboard for your everyday DIY carpentry. It pushes your workpiece against the fence so that the cuts are straight, neat and flawless!

No wonder why the Milescraft 1406 featherboard is one of the top-selling items. It makes sure that your woodstock, no matter how big or small, feeds straight into the table saw. You can easily connect this super handy device to a T-slot or a miter slot.

Moving on, we’re big fans of its genuine tension-adjustment knobs. The angular fingers clutch your workpiece with great grip and prevent reverse motion.

What made us like the product most is the fact that it’s compatible with band saws, fences and router tables all the same. It makes the device a versatile one, to begin with. Next up, we have its dual-sliding features, and they simply top everything else.

Not only are you able to push this forward but also move it from side to side. As far as accuracy is concerned, the product does a remarkable job at keeping your workpiece exactly where you need it. Thanks to its split rail miter bars that come in not one, but two different widths for your convenience!

Unlike the previous True Flex, this one doesn’t come with a super thin ⅜-inch miter bar. It offers a ¾-inch bar as well as a slightly thinner ⅝-inch bar. You can see how practical the measurements are for a professional table saw.


  • Fits any standard miter gauge slot with ¾-inch and ⅝-inch bars
  • Compatible with table saws and router tables
  • Suitable for a table featherboard with large surface areas
  • Ergonomic knobs and split rail miter bar design


  • The plastic fingers might feel a little too stiff

3. Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard

Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard

Using a table saw is all fun and games until you have a serious project at hand. Worry not! The Hedgehog spiral featherboard makes sure that you’re always on top of your game. For a single knob featherboard, the product sports a formidable grip in every cutting position.

When it comes to making expensive louvered window shutters, you want your cuts to be as straight as possible. Now, we don’t know about you but the more stressful the project gets, the more mistakes we tend to make as beginners.

If most of your work involves operating a table saw or a rip fence, you’ll love the Hedgehog spiral featherboard. The accuracy of Hedgehog tops that of many high-end items on the market. It’s actually a single pivot point featherboard. For starters, it means you don’t have to work two knobs to change its position.

The minimum reach of its fingers is a firm two inches for your smallest projects. As you rotate the device, all of its fingers will flex out. We’re talking about a whopping 6-¾-inch max reach. We don’t prefer Hedgehog for small saws because it might limit your woodstock choices.

Since it’s a reversible featherboard, it works on both sides of your saw blade. Other than ripping or cross-cutting wood, the product is remarkable for re-sawing applications. It’s one of the reasons why we recommend Hedgehog, apart from its straightforward design, of course.

We didn’t think we would actually like a single knob table saw featherboard this much, but Hedgehog proved to be a powerful product.


  • Works on either side of your router fence
  • Suitable for ripping, re-sawing and cross-cutting applications
  • Its single knob is easy to adjust and tighten
  • Fills gaps in the miter clamps to prevent accidental rotations


  • Some users might not like its miter slot limitation

4. Fulton featherboard for ryobi table saw

Fulton Featherboard For Ryobi Table Saw

At this point, you already know how featherboards make the most out of your table saw! But the Fulton Dual Deluxe is on a whole another level. It’s a set of stackable featherboards with riser blocks. You can finally use featherboards for making neat, vertical cuts.

To begin with, you can hold taller stock against the fence other than making regular horizontal rips. You get 2-inches tall spacers in the box. This way you can have a 3-⅞-inch tall setup for your table saw.

We personally found the Fulton Dual Deluxe very handy for versatile woodworking. For example, you can use one in the usual track of your table saw and fix the other with riser blocks from above the workpiece.

This particular setup (one up and one down) holds the stock down and keeps it in position. You might have guessed already, but the holding strength of this beefy table saw featherboard is great for a DIY woodworker.

Moving on, the product comes with 1-½-inch long ¼”×20tpi t slot bolts. So, you have the option to use this device with thin t tracks. We found these features to be particularly useful considering you can make horizontal and vertical cuts with the same devices.

The miter bars will fit seamlessly in your router table miter tracks. What we like about the lock is that it’s much stronger compared to basic wedge-lock systems. The fingers are of the perfect balance between stiff and flexible.


  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical ripping
  • True-to-size aluminum bars
  • Fits into small t slots on standard router fences
  • Stackable featherboards can be used together or separately
  • Comes with 2-inch tall spacers and necessary mounting hardware


  • Might be too big for job site table saws

5. Kreg featherboard for dewalt table saw

Kreg Featherboard For Dewalt Table Saw

Featuring high-quality wedge-locks and sturdy T bolts, Kreg True Flex is a great device as well. It’s an excellent featherboard for saws. Be it router tables or band saw tables, Kreg featherboards are compatible with all traditional and modern-day machinery.

Its plastic composite construction is much more durable compared to handmade wooden featherboards. Kreg’s definitely not kidding around with industrial grade plastic. Additionally, Kreg is designed to be used with regular ⅜”×3/4″ slots.

The wedge locking mechanism on this particular device is noteworthy. It’s because Kreg’s True Flex has premium gripping power for a single featherboard.

We can’t help but wonder how robust its stackable version would be. For now, this single table saw featherboard works pretty well with regular, day-to-day ripping and shaping. It neatly rips hard wood so that your resawing results can come out top-notch as well.

Next up, we also liked how you can make 5 distinct adjustments to its positioning. Overall, the device is compatible with a wide range of stock sizes and setups. The reach of the fully spread-out fingers is adequate. We didn’t fine anything that you can’t lock into the slots on a regular surface.


  • Made of sturdy, industrial-grade plastic
  • Provides ideal holding power and consistent cuts
  • Compatible with basic ⅜-inch deep andv3/4-inch wide slots
  • Supports tandem setups for sawing tall boards


  • Not compatible with angled miter slots

6. Milescraft featherboard for vintage table saw

Milescraft Featherboard For Vintage Table Saw

If you frequently build tandem drawers and cabinets, you definitely need a dual featherboard! And what better tool for the job than the mighty Milescraft? It comes with all the mounting hardware you are ever going to need for either tandem or dual-sliding applications.

Previously we reviewed Milescraft 1406, and we were quite impressed by its performance. However, it was a single-piece design and couldn’t support tandem applications as much as we preferred.
That is when we came to know about this dual featherboard. It’s a multi-purpose featherboard for professional woodworking.

First, it looks quite similar to the Fulton Dual Deluxe stackable featherboard, except Milescraft 1407 doesn’t come with riser blocks. Then how does it handle tandem applications? you might ask. The answer is very simple. The gadget comes with a total of two pairs of bars: each in ⅝-inch and ¾-inch sizes.

So, if you have a saw with ¾-inch T slot tracks, like the Bosch 4100, you can use this Milescraft device without any trouble.

When you’re dealing with a T slot on your router surface, you’ll find its four ¼-inch bolts extremely useful.

Besides, this 1407 model isn’t that different from our previous 1406. Both of the devices feature dual-sliding motion. It means that the feathers not only move forward but also shifts from side to side.

You can dial up the tension-adjustment knobs to their fullest extent. Depending on your manual settings, the featherboard will stay firmly lodged inside the T slot until you remove it.


  • Slides forward and side-to-side
  • Easy to adjust tension for various applications
  • Comes with good quality spacers for tandem
  • Features additional hardware for dual use


  • The top and the bottom featheboards are not independently adjustable

7. POWERTEC featherboard for ridgid table saw

POWERTEC Featherboard For Ridgid Table Saw

There are regular products, and then there are devices like the Powertec 71393. We have two words for this dual featherboard- powerful and efficient. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense device for your carpentry projects, you’ll like this one a lot.

What sets this featherboard apart from typical ones is undoubtedly the flawless design. First of all, the device is molded from high-quality plastic. It stands up against plenty of job site abuse.

Moreover, it sports a reversible layout. So, no matter which way you need the featherboard to be, swapping the hardware in that direction does the trick.

In addition, it includes miter slot bolts for easy, horizontal mounting as well as plastic spacers for vertical mounting. Thanks to its 5/16-inch 18tpi bolts, making vertical rips across your workpiece can be done in half the time.

So, yes. It works with 3-inch vertical multi-tracks, and can be used as either single or stackable ones.
One thing you should keep in mind is that the bolts do not fit smaller than Universal-sized T tracks. And it includes the common ¼-inch T tracks as well. Don’t worry. The device comes with 5 Star, threaded lock knobs for this specific track size.

Now, the miter-locking system is pretty steadfast compared to that of pivot point featherboards. It’s suitable for T-slotted saws. Again, if your table saw comes with a ¾”×3/8″ miter slot, you’re welcome to use these tools.


  • Works with universal and larger T tracks
  • The miter bars fit standard ¾”×3/8″ slots
  • Comes with 5 Star-rated lock knobs and two 3-inch stacking screws for dual applications
  • Supports horizontal and vertical mounting


  • The bolts aren’t suitable for ¼-inch T tracks

8. MagSwitch Universal Featherboard

MagSwitch Universal Featherboard

We’ve seen enough wedge-locked featherboards, haven’t we? It’s time we introduced you to a magentic featherboard. And it’s no other than the MagSwitch T32240.

You can attach your MagSwitch featherboard to cast iron and steel tables without the hassle of guide tracks and slots! Besides, you no longer have to tighten or loosen knobs ever again, nor take apart the whole device for reverse applications.

For starters, the Magswitch products feature wide magnets and gaskets at the base. They offer an infallible grip on the workpiece- sometimes better than miter bar-locked devices. It’s because the magnetic force between the featherboard and the steel surface is extremely durable.

Seriously though, the moment you lock in the gaskets, the featherboard stops budging. The maximum breakaway force being 126lbs, anything less thanthat simply can’t move MagSwitch from its spot.

Another thing we liked about the MagSwitch featherboard is that it features two micro-adjustable bump feet. It allows the device to operate as a quick stop for slots and cross cuts. You can use the thumb wheels and adjust the bump stops independently.


  • Suitable for both right and left-handed operations
  • Wide magnets at the bottom for a rock-solid grip
  • You can place it anywhere on cast iron tables
  • Sufficient holding power even in the slots


  • The individual featherboards cannot be stacked

9. Bow FP1 featherboard for kobalt table saw

Bow FP1 Featherboard For Kobalt Table Saw

Tools with thin feathers are quite efficient. But when you’re working with thick stock, you’d naturally want more surface contact between the workpiece and the tips. It brings us to the unique Bow FP1 Featherpro.

First, this device features chunky, reversible feathers in a unique design. They are shorter in length compared to those on your usual featherboard. Now, if you’re thinking what difference it makes, you’ll find out the answer pretty soon!

Well, it’s because the thicker the feathers, the more strongly the device can grab onto your workpiece. In fact, we were amazed to see how firmly it held a rather large stock against a router fence.

That’s not all, Featherpro offers some serious vibration-dampening features. Its high-density foam feathers soak up vibrations from whirring saws and router bits.

Now, the bars are compatible with both T tracks and slots. So, you won’t have any problem installing the device. We haven’t gotten to the best part yet and we can already feel you’re digging the Featherpro. It’s one of those woodworking staples a handyman should keep in their personal tool box at all times.

Some of us were convinced that Featherpro performs way better than dual featherboards. Although it looks slightly different, Featherpro is suitable for standard ¾-inch wide and ⅜-inch deep slots like any common featherboard.


  • High-quality foam feathers for wider surface contact
  • Absorbs vibrations and keeps your workpiece steady
  • 5 times safer than plastic composite products
  • Excellent gliding and feed control


  • Too big for a portable table saw

10. Magswitch magnetic featherboard for table saw

Magswitch Magnetic Featherboard For Table Saw

If you’re looking for a starter kit for using featherboards and table saw jigs, you can give Magswitch a go. The package comes complete with a reversible featherboard attachment, two MagJig 150s and a universal mounting base.

First, the Magswitch starter kit sports a simple design. If you have worked with magentic devices before, you already know how convenient they are without all the bolts and knobs. Speaking of which, we reviewed Magswitch T32240 only a while ago and found it to be a great tool for beginners.

We personally think this kit will go well with versatile table saw applications. It has a pretty neat shape for operating on small job site tables, band saws and router fences. Since it has a powerful magnetic bottom, it latches beautifully on cast iron surfaces.

You can easily disengage the gaskets and remove the magnetic base from the cast iron surface. This way you get to change the featherboard orientation from left to right. Moreover, the tension adjustments are spot-on.

Although, the most awesome thing about the Magswitch starter kit is its universal base. This magnetic base is compatible with every other Magswitch tools and accessories. In fact, you can try it with the two MagJig 150s you get in the box. As for the jigs, you have the option to use them separately or combine them with your handmade woodworking jigs.


  • The universal base is compatible with other Magswitch tool attachments
  • Suitable for band saws, table saws and rip fences
  • Includes a reversible featherboard accessory and two mag jig 150s
  • Strong holding power on cast iron and steel tables


  • Expensive kit

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are magnetic featherboards good for routers?

Magnetic featherboards come with gaskets and two strong magnets at the base. After you position the featherboard at your preferable spot, engaging the gaskets result in an iron-clad seal. This way, you don’t require miter bolts or spacers for keeping your featherboard steady.

2. How does a featherboard work?

Featherboards have angled feathers that spread out in the same direction. Their clever design allows them to guide a woodstock forward, but resist it from moving backward. Consequently, the stock is not only fed straight to the saw blade but also pushed firmly against the fence for neat, quick cuts.

3. Which featherboard is perfect for vertical cuts?

We recommend the Fulton Dual Deluxe stackable featherboards for vetical cuts. It comes with tall spacers so that the featherboard can exert vertical pressure to the workpiece. You can use the Fulton featherboard on a router table vertically.

4. Where to install a featherboard on my router table?

Keep your featherboard 2 inches in front of the blade. The included bolts go inside the miter slots, or T track bolts go inside T tracks unless specified. Most machine tables are made of steel or cast iron. If you don’t like all the threading-in action, our advice is to get the Magswitch T32240.

5. Which featherboard comes with maximum hold?

If you’re looking for a single pivot point featherboard, try out the Hedgehog Spiral featherboard. It effectively eliminates dangerous kickbacks and smoothly feeds into the blade. The Powertec 71393 is a heavy-duty dual-stack edition with much higher holding pressure.

Final Words

The best featherboard for table saw makes your cross-cuts, rips and tandems look super neat and professional. It’s one of those holy grail woodworking products that make your hard work worthwhile.
Got a rip fence with a miter gauge slot? Congratulations! You’re all set for putting your brand-new featherboard into action! Best of luck!

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