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From ripping wooden panels to cutting delicate trims, the uses of table saws are plenty! A decent table saw cuts 2×4 firewood, makes dado joints and does everything a miter saw can.

Table saws, as straightforward as they look, deliver bevel cuts neater than a circular saw!

Okay, we’ve established that a table saw is a multi-purpose power tool in its own right. All there’s left to do is find a suitable table saw in your budget.

Have a look at our 6 best table saw reviews if you want to take your woodworking up a notch.

Considering the size, rip capacity, motor strength, fence, blade, and portability, we’ve rounded up our final table saw picks. And we assure you the price is not going to hurt!

Top 6 Table Saws in 2021

Our comprehensive reviews will help you find a table saw that truly fits your needs! Keep reading!

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw DWE7491RS

If you’re looking for a professional quality saw for regular use, you can try this Dewalt table saw anytime. We like this saw for its incredible ripping capacity, high-speed levels, and specialty cuts. It’s one of the most reliable table saws with an impressive depth of cut.

With RPM levels up to 4800, this Dewalt table saw can cut through dense planks of wood and plastic. The 10-inch blade on this table saw does justice to its rip capacity on both sides.

On its right, the saw allows you to rip 32-½-inch-wide panels. You also have a 22-inch clearing on the left. It’s going to come in handy when you need all the space you can use.

The easiest way to double up the rip capacity is to slide the fence and rail all the way to the left. Remember that 22-inch space we were talking about? This way, you can drive the rip capacity up to 50 inches. Cool, right?

What’s more, its 21-⅞”× 26-⅜” saw table is one of the roomiest tables out there. You shouldn’t have any problem fitting the workpiece and getting your desired rips.

We’re a big fan of the flip-over fence on this saw. It allows you to make super narrow cuts and wide rips at the same time. Not to mention, the 15-amp motor gives you a leg up in serious ripping and cutting.

If you want more control over your cutting, you should use the blade guard- at least in your beginner days. Thanks to the rolling stand, you can now transport the table saw and pack it up in a jiffy. The table saw, as a whole, is a powerful device, and it will help with your DIY projects.


  • Spacious tabletop for better material support
  • Includes a handy dust collection port
  • Retractable telescoping rip fence
  • Ideal for rip-cutting and beveling sheet material


  • Blade guard might not stay put

SAWSTOP Cabinet Saw PCS175-TGP252

Rack and pinion fences are okay, but do you know which fence and rail are the best? A sliding fence, of course! SAWSTOP offers you exactly that in heavy-gauge steel construction. If there’s one table saw that could beat professional contractor table saws, it’s definitely the SAWSTOP one.

For starters, the table saw has a unique gas-piston elevation system and a large handwheel. Together, they ensure that you can take accurate measurements more easily. What we like about the cabinet table saw is its 10-inch 40-tooth blade. It will help you cross-cut thick wooden boards and achieve a flawless finish.

Thanks to its T-Glide fence, the cabinet table saw allows true parallel positioning and locking-down. A heavy-duty trunnion and arbor successfully hold the saw blade for the more serious tasks. The saw is also equipped with V-ribbed belts for soaking up vibrations.

SAWSTOP included a patented safety system in its table saws. If your skin touches the blade by any chance, the saw stops the blade in less than 5 milliseconds. Rest assured; you’re not getting the same specs in cabinet table saws from other brands.

The cast-iron table is 20 inches wide and 27 inches deep – slightly roomier than the Dewalt DWE7491RS.

Another impressive quality of this table saw is its dust collection system. It catches 99% of the dust from above and below the table. Spending a few extra bucks, you can get the SAWSTOP dust collection accessories.

Last but not the least, its 52-inch rip capacity gives you plenty of room to be creative with the saw.


  • Generous 52-inch rip capacity
  • Maximum depth of cut is 3-⅛ inches
  • Patented safety features for making rip cuts
  • 20″ wide and 27″ deep cast-iron tabletop
  • Comes with a professional quality fence and T-rails


  • Might have minor alignment issues

Delta Table Saw 36-6023

The Delta table saw is our favorite for its beefy contractor-grade motor and easy fence adjustments. Compared to benchtop table saws, this particular model is way more powerful and durable.

We like this table saw for three reasons. First, it offers rack and pinion-style fence rails. These are close alternatives to T-rails but are slightly more durable. Secondly, this table saw can not only rip large stock but also cross-cut them with a sled.

Next, it cuts 13/16-inch long and 8-inch wide dados. In case you’re a beginner in woodworking, you’ll find its dado capacity quite useful. If you think that’s amazing, the new features of this table saw will blow your mind!

We’re talking about its 559 square-inch tabletop. It’s more than sufficient for homeowners and DIYers. The steel tube frame is sturdy enough to hold heavy workpieces.

The table saw features a patented one-step folding system. For a job site table saw, an easy folding mechanism goes a long way. Not only will you be able to carry the saw from one site to another but also take advantage of its lightweight build.

Our key takeaway from the Delta 36-6023 table saw is its safety features and the fence. A wobbly fence is enough to botch a simple rip, and that’s why we were extra careful with this one. Needless to say, the table saw delivered exactly what we wanted!


  • Collapsible table saw with a rolling stand
  • Flat 559 square-inch table for making rip cuts
  • Comes with a robust contractor-grade motor
  • 13/15″ ×8″ dado and 32-½-inch rip capacity


  • Assembly is a bit difficult

Shop Fox W1837 Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw

A decent hybrid table saw packs enough power to beat even the best contractor table saw. This is why we’ll recommend the Shop Fox W1837 to professional woodworkers only.

What’s interesting about this budget table saw is its cabinet-mounted trunnions. They absorb all the vibration so you can get the most accurate bevel cuts. Since it’s a heavy-duty table saw unit, the maximum depth of cut is also higher than average.

Loosen the blade-tilt lock and tilt the blade from 0 to 45 degrees. Cutting compound miters, bevels and chamfers have never been easier! At 90 degrees, the saw puts forward a depth of 3-¼ inches.

Similarly, at 45 degrees, it makes 2-¼-inch deep cuts. If you’re looking for an upgrade from benchtop table saws, this one will be more to your liking.

Our only problem with bench saws is that they lack high blade speeds and power. Luckily enough, this hybrid saw introduced us to a robust motor. It drives the blade at crazy-high speeds. Now, you can increase the feed rate without burning the wood!

The next best thing about this Shop Fox table saw is its lift-off fence and T-rails. What’s more, the fence locks from both the front and the rear so that it sits tightly on the rail. It matches the T-slot miter gauge- allowing you to make miter cuts like a professional.

Lastly, its 30-inch rip capacity will be perfect for cutting thick boards. You can make excellent pieces of furniture from any sheet material of your choice. The rip capacity won’t come in your way, and you can always extend it with an extension table.


  • Easy blade angle and height adjustments with a handwheel
  • Lift-off fence with front and rear locking mechanism
  • Cabinet-mounted trunnions for absorbing vibrations
  • Includes an interchangeable riving knife


  • It’s a weighty table saw

DEWALT Job Site Table Saw DWE7485

Perfecting that blade-to-fence alignment is a nightmare for cheap bench saws. Why go through that ordeal when you can have the Dewalt DWE7485 do it for you? The blade angle and height adjustments are a breeze on this power tool. And we couldn’t be happier because it’s a job site table saw!

The Dewalt DWE7485 is all about comfort and practicality. It weighs only 54 pounds- making the saw one of the most lightweight job site saws out there. This is why we were more than surprised when we learned about its 5800 RPM motor. It’s a muscular saw with superior portability. We also found its metal roll cage base a durable one.

Previously, we preferred a sliding fence to a rack and pinion fence for making accurate fence adjustments. But this Dewalt saw turned it around for us with its precise fence-positioning and locking system.

Furthermore, you can’t call it a cabinet saw right away, but its storage capacity is hard to beat even for job site table saws. You get a push stick, a riving knife, a blade guard set, and a miter gauge in the pack. So, yes; you can pull off 2-¼-inch deep bevel cuts with this mighty saw.

Moving forward, Dewalt offers a tool-free blade guard assembly alongside the rolling stand. However, the 24-½-inch rip capacity might not cut it for professional woodworkers.

Considering they won’t be working with super-thick stock all the time, the Dewalt DWE7485 is a great power tool for carpenters on the go!


  • Lightweight and compact saw
  • Comes with anti-kickback pawls and a miter gauge
  • Spacious onboard storage and a handy dust collection chute
  • Suitable for ripping, cross-cutting, beveling, and mitering applications


  • Fence alignment might come slightly misaligned

SKILSAW SPT99T-01 Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

If you’re looking for an all-metal table saw, you’ll like this worm drive table saw for its useful specs. For one, the saw features powerful worm drive gears and a high-torque motor.

It’s a compact saw with a sliding extension table. Not to mention, it tears through a good chunk of sheet material with its 2-⅝-inch cutting depth.

A worm drive table saw is mechanically lightweight. It is even lighter than your average jobsite table saw. For example, this SKILSAW SPT99T table saw weighs only 44lbs.

You’ll be making a big mistake if you think it’s any less powerful than contractor saws. It has a similar rack, and pinion fence to a Dewalt table saw. You can build everything from DIY projects to fully-fledged furniture sets with this bad boy.

We also picked this table saw unit for its full-metal construction. If you’re not a big fan of those shaky plastic parts, you’ll love this table saw without a doubt. Truth be told, we did expect better rip capacity for the price. But the table saw covers it up with the worm drive motor.

As a hobbyist, you shouldn’t find anything wrong with the width. But as a professional, you could really use a 12″ ×27″ extension table for bigger workpieces.

The blade diameter is 8-¼ inches which, again, might be a bit short for professional furniture makers. But, when it comes to neat cuts, this table saw never disappoints.

Moreover, the blade stops as well as the fence guide are deadly accurate. Want to make smooth cross-cuts? Swap the blade for a finer-toothed one, and you’re done. The factory blade is sharp enough to rip through ¾-inch plywood, by the way! Finally, the dust collection port makes cleanups quick and easy.


  • A heavy-duty worm drive motor
  • Catches all the dust in its dust collection chute
  • Easily rips ¾-inch plywood
  • Durable metal construction


  • Miter gauge is a bit problematic

What to Consider Before Buying a Table Saw

A table saw is your best friend when it comes to ripping large pieces of wood. It’s your all-in-one power tool for making cross-cuts, rips, rabbets, and dados. How wonderful would it be if you had a table saw all to yourself?

Buckle up! This is where we show you how to pick the best table saw for yourself.

Blade Length

The length and diameter of the blade decide the max cutting depth and kerf- not necessarily in that order. Most jobsite table saws come with a 22-inch-long blade. A carbide blade is good enough for homeowners and professionals. The chances of you finding a diamond-tipped blade at the same pricing are quite low.

Blade Diameter

Now that we have the optimum blade length and material out of the way, it’s time we discussed the diameter. It doesn’t vary greatly from contractor saws to job site table saws.

For example, a blade that runs 20+ inches long will most definitely have a 10-inch diameter. If you want to use the saw strictly for DIY furniture-making, you can go for a smaller saw which is more likely to come with an 8-¼-inch diameter blade.

Depth of Cut

The maximum depth of cut is an important spec for a table saw. It’s because- as a hobbyist, you won’t be working with the same material. So, it’s good to have the option to make deeper or shallower cuts than the usual.

Standard cabinet saws like the SAWSTOP PCS175 make 3-⅛-inch-deep cuts. The depth of cut also varies from angle to angle. For example, at 90 degrees, the cutting depth can be 3-⅛ inches, whereas it drops to 2-¼ inches at 45 degrees.

Table Size

If you want to keep a table saw in your backyard tool shed, the table size shouldn’t be a deciding factor. However, part-time woodworkers need to take their saw table size seriously.

A wide, sturdy table provides much better support for heavy workpieces. You don’t want the newly cut panels to sag, after all!

On average, saw tables measure 21 inches wide and 26 inches deep. If you want to go one size up, an extension table works like a charm! Don’t forget the riving knife, though.

Rip Capacity

It’s perhaps the most talked-about topic among table saw users. Ripping capacity is basically the acceptable width of a workpiece. But it’s nothing final. If your table saw features a sliding T fence, you can always shift the rip fence to the left of the blade and free up space on the right.

For one, it increases the rip on one side so that you can slice a larger board in a single cut. If it’s up to us, we’d go for a table saw with the usual 32-inch rip capacity. Most table saws have at least a 20-inch rip capacity on the left.

Motor Strength

The motor quality of a jobsite table saw won’t be the same as a contractor table saw. In any case, it should match the size, quality, and uses of the table saw. A 15-amp motor is a safe choice for a jobsite table saw.

Next, we have the horsepower and voltage. A 1.75 HP motor on a table saw is actually pretty good. However, it might not be the best option for a contractor table saw, or a cabinet saw. A 2 HP, 120V/240V single-phase motor is powerful enough in our opinion. You should find it in standard cabinet table saw models.

Sliding Fence vs. Rock and Pinion

Can’t decide what type of rip fence you need? Well, there are two main options- a sliding fence and a rack and pinion fence. Professional carpenters prefer a sliding fence to a rack and pinion because it’s easier to manage and upgrade.

Dewalt table saws come with a rack and pinion fence. While it makes the whole fence adjustment a super easy procedure, building a separate table on either side requires extra modification.

On the other hand, a sliding T fence rides on a T-rail which you can replicate on wood pretty easily. You should be able to lock the fence in T-slots and reposition it in another rail for a different workpiece.

Dust Management

Most modern-day table saws come with a dust collection port. It connects to a vacuum so that you can dispose of the accumulated sawdust without handling them manually. However, the best table saws will have more than one way to take care of the dust.

Take the SAWSTOP PCS175 for example. It offers a dust collection blade guard, an overarm component, and an innovative shrouding system for the job.


If there’s one thing we like about table saws, it’s the accessories. Be it a hybrid table saw or a cabinet saw, it’s bound to come with a blade guard, a push block, a riving knife, and a wrench.

Let’s not forget the miter gauge and the hex keys. And if you’re lucky, you might as well get dado jigs in the pack. SAWSTOP PCS175 beats portable table saws with its mighty accessory bundle. You’ll get a control box that houses the main switch, a power paddle, and, to top it all, an onboard computer!

Types of Table Saws

Like it or not, there’s a saw for every occasion. For now, we’ll be talking about two broad categories- stationary and portable. Have a look!

Stationary Table Saws

These table saws are heavy; they’re powerful and made exclusively for professionals.
Here are the options!


This type of saw is well-known for its robust output, durability, build quality, and dust collection. Cabinet table saws are made of cast iron. They have spacious storage and an enclosed bottom. Cabinet saws sport the best-in-class vibration dampening system.


You can tell a contractor table saw by its iron tabletop. The best contractor table saw is a lot like a job site table saw. While both models are portable, a contractor saw is much more powerful. This saw is an ideal choice for everyday carpentry.


When you take the best specs of a cabinet table saw, and a contractor saw, you get a hybrid table saw. Two of the improvements include a better tensioning mechanism and a beefier belt stem. Additionally, this saw comes with enclosed legs and a base- allowing you to use the saw as a portable benchtop model.

Portable Table Saws

If you’re under the idea that portable table saws are “super” lightweight, shake it off before you read any further.


The benchtop variation is perhaps the lightest of all table saws. Hobbyists, DIYers, and homeowners like a benchtop table saw for its pleasant action and space-saving design.


A job site table saw is your usual benchtop saw on a roll cage stand. Compared to a compact saw, a job site table saw features better power-handling and rip capacity. Its motor can log speed levels up to 3500 RPM or more.


A compact saw has the looks of a contractor saw. It’s bigger than a benchtop saw, to begin with. However, the blade is run by a small-toothed belt- causing a drop in its cutting power. Its compact table offers decent material support.


This was our take on table saws, and we sincerely hope that you enjoyed it! With the right table saw (and probably a sander!), you can turn coarse stock into buttery smooth furniture.

Start small. Use those wooden boards that have been lying around the garage and shift to more expensive panels from there. One thing’s for sure- any of our 6 best table saw models would help you achieve the finesse of a professional. Best of luck!

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