How To Cut A 22.5 Degree Angle On Table Saw

A wood piece often needs to be cut at a certain angle. Cutting angles on wood is easier if you have a miter jig table saw. In most of the table saws, you will find the miter jig when you purchase it, but you need to buy it separately in some cases.

The 22.5-degree angle is mostly needed when you install a baseboard or mold at your house. While most of the walls have a 90-degree angle turn, it is quite common to see a wall having a 45-degree angle turn in some homes. 

Cutting A 22.5 Degree Angle On Table Saw – Step By Step Guide

Step 1

In the first step, you have to loosen the clamp on your rip fence and then slide it off the table. A rip fence is a long wood bar that is located parallel to your saw blade.

Now you need to keep your wood piece against your rip fence when you slide it across the table saw.

You do not have to use your rip fence when you are cutting angles on the wood. This is because the rip fence will hamper your project, so it needs to be removed.

Step 2

Now in this step, you have to place your table saw miter gauge in the square groove at the top of your table.

Furthermore, you have to slide your miter jig up and then down the track. By doing this, you can make sure that the groove is free of debris and dirt.

Step 3

Next, you have to loosen up the lock on your miter jig and then rotate it to 22.5 degrees or any other angle you want to cut on the wood piece. Then tighten up your lock on the miter jig.

Step 4

Move the miter jig onto the left side of your table and keep the wood on it and butt the wood piece up with your jig. Switch on the table saw and move the miter jig and the slide across your table to slice the wood.

Final Words

Additionally, you can also use a taper guide for cutting angles on a table saw. At first, this might seem like a difficult thing to master, but once you get used to it, you will never go back. This guide shows you how to use a miter jig to cut a 22.5 degree angle on table saw.

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