How To Cut A Circle On A Table Saw

Table saws are usually used for cutting straight pieces of wood, so usually, when it comes to cutting circles, people think of other tools such as jigsaws, band saws, routers, hole saws, etc. to finish their task.

The good news is that you can cut perfect circles on your table saw, too. You need to know the steps and gather the materials required for the job. A table saw can be considered as an efficient tool for cutting perfect circles.

Cutting Circle With Table Saw

For cutting a circle on a table saw, you will need a table saw that cuts circles, drill, brad nail, and a speed square.

Step 1

First, get a strip of wood that measures ¾”x 1/4″. This can be used as a guide for your jig, and it will travel within your miter slot to the right side of the table saw blade.

Stand at the table saw and place some stacked pennies inside the miter slot and then keep the strip of wood over them so that it lies slightly above the level of the saw blade.

Step 2

Apply a line of CA glue on the top of your strip of wood and then keep the plywood on top of it. This will cover the saw blade up to 1/4 inches.

Next, apply some pressure on top of the plywood to stick appropriately to both the plywood’s back and the miter guide strip. While the glue dries, apply a 12 inches piece of scrap wood to the plywood’s front edge.

Use some glue between the two pieces and drive it down with a nail with 1-1/4″ screws or brad nails. The bond between the strip of wood and plywood will have dried up by now, so gently lift it and turn the plywood over.

Secure the strip of wood in place by using 5/8″ screws and be careful to split.

Step 3

Next, remove the stack of pennies from the miter slot. Using some sandpaper, smooth the edges of your miter guide strip so that the jig can travel smoothly. Then place the guide strip in your miter slot and flip back the jig.

Pull back the jig enough to raise your saw blade above the level of your hand guide and plug the saw in. After the saw is on, cut off the left side of your jig by pushing the jig forward.

This will align the jig perfectly with the saw blade and perform as a zero clearance for your clean cuts.

Step 4

Use the speed square and draw a line right in the middle of the jig, keeping it perpendicular to your saw blade. Next, mark your radius measurement for the circle that you want to cut on this line. Then tap a 1-1/4 inches nail on the mark.

Furthermore, mark in the center of your square piece of wood that you want to cut into a circle. This can be done by drawing two lines from the opposite corners. Then drill a tiny hole through the marked center point.

Step 5

Now place the 1-1/4-inch nail through the center hole and within the spot on the jig and hit it securely to put by ensuring that the square is wholly laid flat on the jig. Rotate the piece to make sure that it spins smoothly and securely.

Now pull the jig back and raise your blade above the square level you want to cut. Plug your saw back in and rotate the wood piece 45 degrees so that a square corner is overhanging the jig.

Turn on your saw and drive the jig forward to slice off the overhanging corner of the square. Next, pull your jig back.

Step 6

Rotate the wood piece to 90 degrees and repeat the previous step until all the corners have been cut off. Continue pulling and pushing the jig until all the corners are removed.

Step 7

Once the piece starts to resemble a rough-cut circle, push your jig forward until the bottom portion is in contact with the saw blade and then rotate until the base has been shaped into a circle.

Now push the jig slightly forward and turn the piece by making a full circle. Repeat this until the top part of the piece is cut into a smooth circle.


So now, you can see how easy it is to cut a circle on a table saw. With these steps, you now know how to cut a circle on a table saw.

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