how to cut a groove in wood with a table saw

Cutting grooves in wood with a table saw is an essential step for a woodworker to learn, especially if you want to carve out designs or join wood.

If you want to create a long groove with the help of a flat bottom, then a table saw is the tool you need.

Step 1

To cut a groove, at first, you need to set your table’s height saw blade to the depth of the groove that you want. To do this, hold a ruler next to your saw blade so that you can see the height.

Step 2

Next, use the lever or knob underneath your table saw to lower or raise the height of your blade until you get it to the preferred depth to cut your grooves.

Step 3

Now secure the height of your blade so that it holds tightly and doesn’t slip while you work. Furthermore, you have to mark the groove on the side of the wood.

Step 4

Set the wood piece on its side so that the face being cut on the groove is facing upwards. Use a straightedge or a ruler to draw a straight line on the side of your board.

Step 5

The line should be of the same length as the depth that you want for the groove. After you have marked one end of your board, you need to mark its opposite end in the same place to be easy for you to line up the cut.

Step 6

Now adjust your saw fence so that the place you have marked on the wood aligns with your saw blade. Hold the wood piece against your saw fence so that it is snug. Then you have loosened up your saw fence so that you can move and adjust it further or closer away from your saw blade.

Step 7

Keep sliding the fence until the mark on the side of the board aligns to the edge of your saw blade. Push the wood piece through your saw blade to slice the groove. Switch on the table saw and get it up to full speed before you start cutting.

Step 8

Gently push your board into the saw by using your wood pusher. This tool will protect your fingers by keeping them away from your blade. Turn off the saw blade after you have entirely pushed the wood through the saw blade.

Final Words

After that, all you have to do is rerun the wood piece by starting on the opposite side so that the groove looks even. Turn the wood around to feed it back to your saw blade. Your groove is now complete. Now you know how to cut a groove in wood with a table saw.

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