how to cut more than 45 degrees on a table saw

Having a table saw can be very useful for cutting a wood piece in several different ways. Even though the primary function of a table saw isn’t cutting angles, it can do so with accuracy and precision.

As you already know, at table saw blade can only be tilted up to 45 degrees but no further. But what happens when you want to cut more than just 45-degree? This where you will need a jig.

There are some awesome jigs that will help you achieve cut angles from 45 to 90 degrees. By using those jigs, you can accurately make angle cuts in 1 degree steps.

How To Cut A 45-Degree Angle With A Table Saw?

So, if you want to cut a 45-degree angle on your table saw at first, you have to take a ruler to measure where you want to begin and end the cut.

Step 1

Measure the sides of your wood piece and then mark the spots.

Step 2

Now connect the dots that you marked and outline the cut.

Step 3

You have to do a couple of test cuts before cutting the actual wood, make sure your miter gauge and saw are in order.

Step 4

Then choose a few wood scraps and cut them in the same shape as the one you want to cut on the wood. Since you are cutting at a 45-degree angle, you have to cut two different pieces and then fit them together.

How To Cut More Than 45 Degrees On A Table Saw?

However, if you want to cut more than 45 degrees on your table saw, it might be a little challenging, so the wood needs to be adjusted with precision.

Step 1

In the first step, subtract the 45 from your angle measurement to correctly set the correct angle. For example, if you want a 75-degree angle, you need to fix it at a 30-degree angle.

Step 2

Now adjust your desired angle to the angle of your table saw. Most of the table saws have a release or a knob at the front of the tool to do this.

Step 3

Now place your strip of wood on the saw in a vertical position. Then place a wood scrap piece adjacent to your wood that is positioned opposite to the saw blade.

Step 4

Next, you need to raise the height of your blade so that it is able to cut into the wood properly at an angle of over 45. You can control the size you want via the rotating knob located at the front of your machine.

Step 5

Before turning on the machine, put on safety gear, such as gloves to protect your hands and safety goggles to cover your eyes from dust.

Step 6

Now turn on your device and slide the wood through it using your table saw and the other necessary tools. With this, you will finally have a greater than 45-degree angle.

Final Words

And that’s how you cut 45-degree and more than 45-degree angles on a table saw.

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