how to make a french cleat without a table saw

French cleats are easy to move around and also make it easy to hang up your tools. But there is only one downside to it. The preferred method is to use a table saw so that you can make those long and straight 45-degree cuts.

What happens when you don’t have a table saw? Not all of us own one. However, that won’t stop you from making French cleats. 

In this article, we will discuss how to make a French cleat without a table saw. To make one, you need some basic materials such as wood screws, a powerful battery drill, a circular saw, and an XPS insulation board.

Making A French Cleat Without A Table Saw

Step 1

In the first step, you have to secure the wood piece to your table. You can do this by slicing three pieces of insulation of around 2cm so that you can raise the boards from your table to leave a gap for the screws.

You have to screw the holes with long screws of around 5 cm, which will hold the board securely in place.

Step 2

Before you make the first cut, make sure to wear protective gear for your mouth, ears, and eyes since the particle board is liable to produce a lot of dust. Now to cut your strips, you have to set your circular saw at 45 degrees, and with your edge guide assigned to the lowest settings, perform a cut to make a rail.

Step 3

In the third step, you have to release the screws and then move the back’s insulation pieces. This will expose a gap from which the edge guide can move freely.

Return the saw at 90 degrees cut and perform another pass to get the second rail. Repeat this process until the end of your board gets the maximum number of rails, which can then be extracted.

Step 4

In the last step, you need to continue building your tool wall. Now that you have cut all the rails, it is now time for you to attach them to the wall and make the tool holders. Your beautiful and elegant French cleat without a table saw is now complete.

Final Words

And that is how you can make French cleats without even going near a table saw. Again, the idea of using a French cleat for wall storage space is something a lot of woodworkers’ love.

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