how to make a zero clearance insert for craftsman table saw

To make thin cuts on a table saw, you need to insert a zero clearance so that your stock does not get pulled into your table saw after cutting.

Most of the table saws consist of an insert that is suitable for most applications. A zero clearance table saw insert craftsman contains no clearance around your blade and should only be used when the saw blade is perpendicular to your table.

So, creating your own zero clearance is relatively easy and even more so on a table saw. You can use a zero-clearance insert to make cross-grain, chip-free, clean cuts on veneered materials with the help of a dado set.

When you raise your running dado set via the insert, the zero clearance can be between the side of the insert and the set’s extended teeth.

The surface of your insert can securely support the material of your workpiece and also prevent chipping. In the following section, we are going to show you the steps for creating a table saw throat plate, also known as inserts.

Making A Zero Clearance Insert For Craftsman Table Saw

  • To make a zero clearance insert, you have to use the saw’s metal insert as a guide.
  • Take a piece of hardboard, plywood, or any other sturdy materials, and with a double face tape, stick the metal insert on it.
  • Use either a ¼ inches or ½ inches of material, whichever one is thinner than the metal insert.
  • Now you need to use your saw outside the plate and then trim your wood insert to the same shape and size as the metal insert with a bit of flush trim in the router table.
  • Next, keep the zero clearance insert flush with the table saw top.
  • You can do this by using tiny strips of tape to the bottom or underside of your insert right where the table saw is supporting it.
  • The table saw fence, held the insert down, and then raised your running dado set through the insert.

Final Words

By following the steps that we have shown here, you now know how to make a zero clearance insert for craftsman table saw. However, this method can be used to create the table saw inserts that will fit different types of table saw blades. You can create throat plates for Dado blades and single blades by following this guide.

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